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   Public Health and Health Care
Theoretical and practical Journal “Public Health and Health Care”

Theoretical and practical journal "Public Health and Health Care" is a regularly published edition; it comes out 4 times a year. Its scientific articles cover public health issues, organization of health care, development of medical education; medical insurance and science (see sections). Analytical articles that reflect best practice, the health care leading masterminds' performance indicators, and materials of the most important theoretical and practical conferences on public health and health care, short practice notes, information about jubilees are published there. Since 2005 the Journal "Public Health and Health Care" has been included on the list of leading peer-reviewed journals recommended by the High Attestation Committee for publishing results of doctoral thesis research. You can find published articles  at e-library.ru

The basic rules of sending articles for publication in the journal "Public Health and Health Care"

To the Editor are sent:

1. covering letter

2information about the authors

3materials of the article in two copies

4a copy of the payment

5CD-ROM with an electronic version of the manuscript



Payment of publishing costs for the publication in turn during year is 8200 rubles.

Payment from PhD students (the sole author, a Russian citizenfor an article is not taken. Mandatory submission of a certificate of education in postgraduate study, certified by head of the institutionOriginal certificate with stamp of institution is sent by mail to the address: 420012, Kazan, P.O. Box
 192,  journal "Public Health and Health Care."

Requirements for covering letter

Covering letter for scientific article is issued on letterhead of the institution where the work was performedsigned by the head of the institution.

If the covering letter is not written on the letterhead of institution and not signed by head of the institution, it must be signed by all authors of scientific article.