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1. Abrosimova Marina Juryevna. - Head of biomedethics, medical law and history of medicine sub-faculty of Kazan state medical university, DSci, Professor

2. Amirov Nail Khabibullovich - active member of the Russian academy of medical sciences, DSci, professor, head of hygiene labor medicine with a course of medical ecology department of Kazan State medical university

3. Anokhina Antonina Vasilievna – Head of department of therapeutiс and children dentistry and orthodontics of Kazan state medical academy, DSci, Professor

4. Burger Edward J. Jr., MD, ScD., FACP - Eurasian Medical Education Program, Director, Washington, D.C., USA

5. Gatin Foat Fatikhovich - Head of deparment of Phsyciatry and forensic Psychiatry of Kazan state medical academy, DSci

6. Ziatdinov Vasil Bilalovich - DSci, associate professor of neurology and manual therapy department at Kazan state medical academy

7Kudrina Valentina Grigoryevna - Head of medical statistics and informatics sub-faculty of Russian medical academy of continuing training, DSci, Professor

8.  Mikhailov Mars Konstantinovich - head of X-ray diagnostics of Kazan state medical academy, DSci, professor

9. Pozdeeva Tatyana VasilyevnaDSci, Professor, Head of healthcare and nursing management sub-faculty of Nizny Novgorod state medical academy.

10. Polunina Natalia Valentinovna - Head of public health and healthcare, economics of healthcare of  Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, corresponding member of RAMS, DSci, Professor

11. Prokopiev Valery Petrovich - Associate professor of department of public health, economics and health care control of Kazan state medical academy, PhD, medical sciences

12. Safiullin Rustem Safiullovich - DSci, professor, head of Roszdravnadzor administration in Tatarstan Republic, head of pharmacy economics and control department

13. Taziev Rinat Vazetdinovich –  PhD, medical sciences, associate professor of rehabilitation and sport medicine department of Kazan state medical academy

14. Khabirov Farit Akhatovich - DSci, professor, head of Republican clinical hospital of medical rehabilitation, head of neurology and manual therapy department of Kazan state medical academy

15. Khisamutdinova Zukhra Anfasovna - director of Kazan medical college, doctor of medical sciences, associate professor in public health economics and healthcare control department in Kazan state medical academy

16.  HU Jing-qing – President  of the Institute of Basic Theory of China Academy of Chinese Medical Science, Professor.

17. Shaimieva Nailya Ilgizovna - head of Republican dental care polyclinic, head of orthopedic dentistry department of KSMA, PhD in medical sciences, associate professor

18. Yusupova Nailya Zufarovna - Head of general hygiene sub-faculty of Kazan state medical academy, DSci, Associate professor